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Soft round bottom cheeks stung with a cane,covered in hot red stripes a reminder to be a good girl!

Dressed in school uniform, Pandora Blake takes advantage of a quiet stairwell to snap a few sexy selfies. But she’s so busy trying to get an explicit upskirt shot, she doesn’t notice her teacher approaching.

Pandora’s Teacher punishes her strictly with the school cane.

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Adriana is instructed to make her friends poor ass hurt with lots of smacks!

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Adriana and Mandie are red bottomed brats who will be feeling their stinging red cheeks for hours!!!

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Adriana makes her friends perky ass sting with firm slaps.

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Its Little cutie Mandie’s turn to smack and redden her friend Adriana’s pretty ass nicely warm.

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Adriana and Mandie had been out for the night. Upon their return home, the two close friends wanted to be even closer and started to explore each other’s bodies. Unexpectedly, Adriana’s husband returned home and found the two in their passionate embrace. He demanded that, as punishment, Adriana give her little friend a hard spanking. If Mandie were to refuse, her father, The Reverend Rae, would get a call. Mandie went over her friends lap as Dominic watched with great satisfaction.

After Mandie’s punishment was over, Dominic now commanded that his young spouse go over the reverend’s daughter’s lap for her spanking. As with Adriana, Mandie was at first reluctant to hurt her friend. After the threat of another spanking by him, Mandie took the task with alacrity and found she liked spanking her friend. Once the spankings were over, Dominic placed both girls in the corner with their bare bottoms on display. What he hadn’t counted on was that the sexual desire between the girls had only been heighted from the experience.




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Little cutiepie Rosie wriggles and squirms about in her pajamas like a naughty little girl as her strict Uncle smacks her butt cheeks hard with his firm hand and a hairbrush.

Rosie is spending the weekend with her Uncle. He has been nothing but nice to her and she has been a real brat. When he is trying to read she just keeps pushing his buttons until he snaps and gives his naughty bratty niece a bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking she won’t soon forget.

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Taught a lesson with a strap to the seat of her jeans,panties and totally bare bottom

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Plump and round,red and sore!The leather strap makes Ami’s big bum throb.

Ami bends over and sticks out her totally bare and totally round smackable butt cheeks for a licking with the strap.

Her round butt cheeks are reddened deeply .

Veronica became aware that Ami took part in a protest against a research lab on campus in which that facility was vandalized. She decided to teach her bratty charge a lesson with a strap to the seat of her jeans, then panties, and her bare bottom.


After her punishment with the strap, Ami’s revolutionary zeal had quickly left her. Once Veronica felt that her charge had endured enough, she sat Ami on a wooden stool; her red hot bottom pushed firmly into the wood. Ami felt like a punished child in the corner.

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