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Lil Lana’s mum smacks her squirmy bottom with her own shoe,oh ouch!

“Ouchies Mummy!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Momma was exasperated and very cross with her naughty little girl. And now yes, she’s clearly exhausted but also satisfied :-)Naughty Little Lana sure needed her bare botty bum cheeks smacked and taught a good lesson. Brianna can’t just get away with it,no no!!!

The super cute Lana Lopez shares some of her memories of the many spankings she received growing up. She was most often spanked by her mom (played by MsFionaX), who also would give her mouth soapings when she cursed. Lana was spanked by hand, slipper and belt.

Little Lana gets a ouchies panties down hand spanking from her strict mum.

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Major Bratty little cutie angel Lee gets 2  solid hairbrushes against her bare butty cheeks tiL they are shiny red!!!spanked girl
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Another full film debut, this time for Angel Lee (daughter of Tasha Lee). She was preparing for a “Littles” Party event where adults could regress and enjoy each others company playing with toys, stuffies or just coloring. However, Angel had gone into “Little” mode too soon and wasn’t preparing for the event properly and panicking, being a horrible whining brat. John snapped her out of this with quite a painful wake up call which was just what she needed to reboot her: getting her back on track and on time! Angel got a good hard OTK spanking followed by something she really didn’t like very much – The Hairbrush (2 of them, in fact) on her sore bare bottom! She later remarked that it was very “ouchie!” See Angel as a “Little”, then spanked back to being more mature so she could cope and finish preparing for her specialist party. You will not have seen her like this before!

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WHOA!!! Bianca’s well spanked bum is RED RED RED!

SPANKED DUAGHTERBianca informed her mother that she told her Headmaster to go to hell. She regretted doing so and immediately apologized. Her mother appreciated her honesty but noted that she was still going to be spanked. Bianca hoped to take this punishment well. Unfortunately, the moment she felt the pain from her mother’s powerful hand all attempts at maintaining her composure were abandoned in favor of tears and pleading for the punishment to end. Bianca’s spanking began over her skirt, then on her panties. Then her regulation school whites were lowered and now her spanking was administered to her bare bottom.

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“WAAAAAAAA” Not fair mummy!!! that hurt *sob*

Bianca’s no nonsense mother really does a number on her bare bottom!!!! Ouch!

After the spanking, Bianca’s mother lectured the teary eyed girl regarding her recent behavior. Bianca promised to do better with her sore, red bottom serving as motivation.

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WHOA!!!! OUCH!!!

Naughty and beautiful Bianca Rose‘s plump and perky well spanked butt 24 hours after being spanked hard for Punished Brats videos:)

Thanks for sharing Bianca!!!!!

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