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Veronica throws Missy over her knees and spanks her silly making her ripe ass nice and hot red before using a paddle to swat her ass extra hot.

Veronica is tasked with giving Missy Martinez, who is visiting from a rival school, a tour of the sorority. Well of course that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place their regularly, and even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her,too. And does so while Veronica crawls up the stairs and bends over the railing for a taste of the paddle.

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Naughty Penny is bottom completely bare and vulnerable to daddys firm hand.

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Daddy uses a firm hand with his naughty bratty girl smacking her bare bottom cheeks firmly and hard with his hand as she kicks squirms and wriggles about over his knees

Veronica was convinced that Penny’s behavior would not improve until her father took a firmer hand with her discipline. She saw her behavior as attention seeking. Dr. Pierson considered this a real possibility. When Penny insisted that she was going to a concert while still grounded, he decided to test Veronica’s hypothesis and the pretty little punk found herself over her father’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking.

As her father spanked her reddening bare bottom very hard, Penny promised to change her ways……… anything to make her dad stop smacking her very sore bottom over and over again

To be certain that the lesson was learned, her father stood her up, holding her in place by her t-shirt, and spanked her very red bare bottom and thighs in standing position causing the little punk to do a dance that would seem appropriate in the clubs she frequents.

Daddy continues to smack his brats bare butt hard and fast so many times.

Penny tries to shield her sore bottom but her dad just gribs her arm and doesn’t stop smacking her bottom till he decided it is red enough and red enough to her daddy is very very red indeed!!!

Poor Penny she won’t be able to sit down on her thoroughly smacked burning deep red bottom for a week!

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What a super ripe ass Tyler has her hands on!

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Hot Aussie Model spanks boobalicious curvy Allison till her big ripe ass is stinging red:) Allison spanks Gigi Too all over her tempting round and peachy ass cheeks

In this final installment of the series, Gigi Allens and Allison Tyler have become girlfriendfs. They kiss and make out a bit before Gigi declares that since she is the boss at work, she must be the dominant one in the relationship. So she puts Allison over her knee and teaches her who’s boss. But this isn’t the work place, it’s the bedroom, where they are equals. So Allison spanks Gigi with her hand and a hairbrush. Totally nude spanking with two gorgeous ladies who get very red and sore bottoms.

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Gigi Allen’s squirms her Delicious ass about over Tyers lap as Tyler slaps her ass with a wooden hairbrush,her big boobies bouncing about!WOW!!!! *JAW DROPPING*

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24 hard cane strokes between four very naughty schoolgirls

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3 very naughty schoolgirls bend over and stick out their naughty bottoms for hard and unbearably stinging,painful strokes of the school cane.

PANDORA BLAKE SPANKINGSchoolgirls Pandora Blake and Alex Reynolds go to a very strict school. Truancy is grounds for corporal punishment, and the strict headmaster Paul Kennedy summons both schoolgirls to the gym for a no nonsense serious cold caning.

But when schoolgirls  Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks sense injustice, they volunteer to share the cane strokes with their friends.

As all the girls are at fault, they each receive six hard cane strokes on their bare bottom cheeks leaving them stripped with red marks, while the others look on in wincing solidarity.

The caned schoolgirls won’t be able to sit down comfortably for a week.


A important news announcement from the beautiful and talented Pandora Blake……

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad? On December 1st new laws came into force that mean many of the hot videos we produce on Dreams of Spanking are now subject to censorship. The UK Government wants to control what UK producers can show on film, right down to the severity of any given spanking.
Dreams of Spanking is a celebration of our own love of corporal punishment, and reflects the genuine kinks and desires of our performers. One change we will make, to make it clear that everyone involved in our films enthusiastically consents, is add highlights from the interviews and outtakes before and after the main films. But will we change the films themselves?
Here’s the good news: we love spanking, caning, and strapping. Leather and bare bottoms and red marks and fun. We believe that the only people who get to decide just how hard they play are our fantastic performers.
Check out the totally uncensored, smoking hot scenes that have gone live this month, and please support us by renewing your Dreams of Spanking membership – while you still can. At the end of this post there are some links to other ways you can help us to fight this regressive law.

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As we mentioned, Pandora intends to refuse to comply with the new rules – that means Dreams of Spanking will be producing the same high-quality, ethical, hot spanking porn that we always have. But it does mean that this is a scary new world, and UK porn producers need as much support as possible to get the government to back down.

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