Casey’s Special Detention









Ohhh Casey and Sarah:) what sexy,yummy girls you are!

Sarah Gregory smacks Casey’s perky ass in the totally hot,nasty and naughty wheelbarrow position.

Miss Gregory had requested that Casey Calvert turn up after school lessons for some “Special Detention” since she had heard this schoolgirl had some sort of crush on her. She wanted to make any anticipation or foolish excitement that Casey had of meeting her in private would be dashed when she would give her a stern telling off and a spanking over her knee.

Casey didn’t seem to mind the spanking at first and Miss Gregory was a little worried that the girl was getting off to this rather than feeling a little awkward… so she mentioned “The Wheelbarrow Club” and Casey’s eyes dropped in shame as she was being told she’d be initiated into that infamous little club that no girl would admit to being a member of.

Miss Gregory placed her in that position(OMG WOW) and added further humiliation by cutting open the poor girl’s panties with some scissors before continuing to spank Casey in that revealing and very embarrassing position! Casey should have been careful for what she wished for as this personal meeting and detention didn’t quite go to plan as she had hoped for!

Sarah enjoys giving the sexy girl a nasty,stinging red cheek spanking!LOVE IT!

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Perfectly naughty SUPER HOT naked Penny receives a blistering,hot and hard spanking from hot Feisty,strict Audrey:)

Audrey spanks her ever so yummy,ripe and round bottom cheeks blazing DEEP RED~~~~!images

PUNSIHED BRATSPenny is a brilliant, yet precocious student and a master of all things digital. She would often hack into a system simply for the challenge of it. One day Penny was being chastised by Professor Valentine for hacking into the school’s system to change a grade when he received the alarming news the Miss Audrey of the national security apparatus was there. She informed the professor that his protégé had broken into the national defense computers. Miss Audrey made the girl strip off her clothing for a check. The she spanked her with a leather paddle and her hand for having the audacity of violating the defense grid.

The stern Miss Audrey, an agent of the government, continues to punish the precocious cyberpunk, switching between her hand the leather paddle. The naked and vulnerable Penny promises not to hack into the governments computers again and pleads for the spanking to stop. Following her punishment, Agent Audrey forces Penny to sit on a hard stool , hurting her soundly spanked, bare bottom. In the position, Miss Audrey explains the dire consequences awaiting the Cyberpunk should she breech government security again.

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Dad’s Discipline Doubled

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Joelle’s Dad gives her a good proper bare bottom spanking leaving her punished bottom smarting and RED!

Dad receives a phone call from Joelle’s school that the signature on her report card has been forged. When she gets home dad is waiting for her with a very stern look on his face and a paddle and hairbrush in hand. When Joelle has an attitude with him, it only makes him more upset and disappointed in her. She gets the spanking she very much deserves that afternoon and again before bed.

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